Company Structure

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Company Structure

Axel Springer is Europe’s leading digital publisher.

Axel Springer creates and distributes high-quality information and entertainment in digital distribution channels, newspapers, and magazines.

The company’s broad portfolio encompasses successfully established multimedia brand families such as BILD and DIE WELT, as well as newspapers, magazines, and online offerings to suit a wide range of interests and information needs, plus investments in TV and radio companies.

With the segmentation, Axel Springer is consistently aligning its financial reporting to the revenue structure of a publishing house, which applies to the digital and the analog world likewise. Axel Springer has divided its activities into three operating segments:

  • Classifieds Media: The Classifieds Media segment covers all those business models which generate their revenues mainly through job and real estate advertising clients. This includes the online classified ad portals bundled together in Axel Springer Digital Classifieds such as SeLoger, Immonet,, StepStone, Totaljobs and
  • News Media: The business models in the News Media segment primarily target paying readers that use digital media offerings, as well as printed newspapers and magazines. While the domestic models essentially cover all the activities of BILD and the WELT-Group (including N24 from 2014), our international business comprises BUSINESS INSIDER and media services in Western and Eastern Europe. This also includes the activities of Ringier Axel Springer Media AG.
  • Marketing Media: The Marketing Media segment combines all the business models whose revenues are primarily generated by advertising clients in reach-based and performance-based marketing. While the Reach-Based Models include digital business models such as, idealo and kaufDA , Performance Marketing covers the activities of the Awin Group.
  • In addition, there is the Services/Holding segment.

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