Corporate Culture

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Corporate Culture

A unique corporate culture as the key to profitable growth

Corporate Values

In addition to strategic objectives, Axel Springer has defined values to guide each employee in his or her work, and which shape corporate culture at Axel Springer. Together these are the key to profitable growth. Three values form the foundation of corporate culture at Axel Springer:

  • Creativity as the crucial precondition for journalistic and business success;
  • Entrepreneurial spirit made up of imaginative, responsible and resultoriented action taken by employees and management as well as
  • Integrity towards the company, readers, customers, employees, business associates and shareholders. 

Principles of Leadership: Scope for action

In 2008 principles of leadership are introduced at Axel Springer. The principles shall give managers scope for action, providing transparency with regard to the demands and expectations of the leadership role.
Text of the preamble: “Creativity, entrepreneurship, integrity. These three values form the foundation of the self-confidence of Axel Springer. They set the standards for our daily actions. We lead, by creating room for ideas, by setting goals and by shaping change. We want to continue to lead Axel Springer boldly to entrepreneurial success. The focus is on our employees, whom we develop, challenge and empower to take responsibility. In all we do, we consistently ensure compliance with justice and law as well as our corporate guidelines.”

Read the complete principles of leadership at Axel Springer AG here.

"Charta der Vielfalt"

Axel Springer signed the "Charta der Vielfalt" ("Charta of Diversity") regarding fairness and valuation of employees.