Here you meet executives at eye level

Mentoring & Coaching

Here you meet executives at eye level

The new tricks the young dog didn't learn – can be learned by the old dog anyway. Those who are good can become even better! Don't have reservations and meet your bosses at eye level. So that you don't need to climb onto your office chair to do this, knowledge at Axel Springer is simply shared.

Take advantage of the know-how and the experience of your colleagues. Through the Mentoring Program, for example, which supports Axel Springer employees in specialist and managerial positions. Up-and-coming talented youngsters have the opportunity to gain advice and support for their personal and professional development from experienced persons within the company.

The reverse is also deliberately intentional during this tandem "ride". Because as part of mentoring, the junior executive (mentee) and the executive (mentor) together form a team. This is not only beneficial for the mentees; the mentors also have the opportunity to pick up fresh ideas and to reflect upon their own work.

For those happy to risk taking a broader view, Axel Springer also offers Cross-Company Mentoring, where interested employees from all kinds of companies come together.

Last but not least, Axel Springer also supports targeted coaching, in particular for the specific and individual development of executives.