Reporting according to GRI

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Reporting according to GRI

This Sustainability Report fulfils the GRI requirements at the highest application level

This Sustainability Report meets the specifications of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).  It is based on the framework for drawing up Sustainability Reports, in which a total of 121 indicators from areas including “social performance”, “environmental performance”, “economic performance” und “product responsibility” are disclosed.

The determination and further development of these indicators is the result of detailed consultation involving non-governmental organizations, governments as well as large and medium sized organizations.

The secretariat of the Global Reporting Initiative is based in Amsterdam. The organization sees itself as an ongoing international dialog involving a large number of stakeholders. The objectives of reporting according to GRI are transparency, standardization and comparability.

Four principles apply to GRI Sustainability Reports.

  1.  Materiality: There is an emphasis on information that reflects the organization’s significant economic, environmental, and social impacts, or that would substantively influence the assessments and decisions of stakeholders.
  2. Completeness: Essential topics should be adequately covered to permit an assessment of economic, environmental, and social performance.
  3. Stakeholder Inclusiveness: The reporting organization should identify its stakeholders and explain in the report how it has responded to their reasonable expectations and interests.
  4. Sustainability Context: The report should present the organization’s performance in the wider context of sustainable development.

Which requirements must be complied with for GRI to recognize a Sustainability Report at “LEVEL A+”?

  1. Provision of all Profile Disclosures
  2. A Management Approach is disclosed for every Indicator Category
  3. All Indicators are provided
  4. The information declared in the report has been externally verified by a third party