Was wir bieten, geht über ein gutes Gehalt hinauss!

What we offer goes beyond a good salary

You don't talk about money, so the saying goes. We do nevertheless. And with good reason, because alongside the attractive salary development, we also offer our employees among other things an attractive company pension plan and allow them a share in our entrepreneurial success.

Always a little more... These benefits among others can be added "on top" at Axel Springer:

Variable Remuneration

Performance must be rewarded! Besides, nothing is more motivating than a clear objective which you can work towards. With profit-sharing and target agreements, our employees have an opportunity to benefit from the company's success and their own individual performance.

Pension Plan

Making provisions for retirement is becoming increasingly important; a state pension alone is not sufficient in most cases. This is why Axel Springer offers eligible employees a flexible pension plan at an attractive rate of interest.

Family Service

The reconciliation of work and family life is a matter of course for Axel Springer AG. In the company's two "Wolkenzwerge" day nurseries in Hamburg and Berlin, employees’ children can be looked after in a professional and loving environment. In addition, we offer an emergency childcare service as well as support in searching for suitable regular childcare or for the support of dependent relatives.

Modern Cuisine and Facilities

You can also satisfy your culinary desires here by taking advantage of the daily subsidy of a wide-ranging, varied and excellent selection of food and cafés, for example.

And not to be forgotten: At Axel Springer you can start your day extremely well equipped and informed. Whether Macs, iPhones, iPads or Cloud – here you will find a working environment at the highest modern technical standard. You get your Daily News and Entertainment hot off the presses on the table anyway – or digitally on the move.