Death of the Founder (1976-1986)

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Death of the Founder (1976-1986)

In 1985, the year of his death, Axel Springer floated 49 percent of the company's shares on the stock exchange. He was buried in Berlin. Chancellor Helmut Kohl described the deceased as „a great German”. In its fourth decade the Axel Springer Group became a fully fledged public company.


First edition of women´s biweekly magazine JOURNAL für Haushalt und Familie - name changed to JOURNAL für die FRAU in October 1980.  


Axel Springer acquires a majority holding in Kunst und Technik Verlag GmbH, Munich, with the periodical Weltkunst (dealing with international art) and the annual Kunstpreis-Jahrbuch.    


Launch of the women's magazine BILD der FRAU.

Establishment of the top special publishing house (which became Jahr top special publishing house following a merger in 2000), with periodicals including TENNIS MAGAZIN and FOTOMAGAZIN. Launch of the TV magazine BILDWOCHE.


Official opening of the offset printing facility in Ahrensburg near Hamburg.

Establishment of Aktuell Pressefernsehen GmbH & Co. KG in which Axel Springer has a holding.

Investment in the satellite television company SAT.1 Satelliten Fernsehen GmbH.    


Axel Springer goes public.

The publisher Axel Springer dies in Berlin on 22 September at the age of 73.    


Establishment of the Axel Springer School of Journalism.

Launch of the automobile magazine AUTO BILD.

Investment in the local daily PINNEBERGER TAGEBLATT.

The private radio station Radio Schleswig-Holstein goes on air; one of its licensees is Axel Springer, which subsequently invests in six more radio stations.

The first licensed edition of AUTO BILD comes out in Italy. Other licensed editions and joint venture publications later appear in twenty European countries, Indonesia and Thailand.