Heading eastwards (1986-1996)

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Heading eastwards (1986-1996)

What the company's founder Axel Springer had predicted in the face of strong ridicule, what his company had fought for so long, finally came true. The Berlin Wall came down. Communist rule over Eastern Europe collapsed. Germany was reunited. In the wake of reunification Axel Springer acquired participating interests in OSTSEE-ZEITUNG and LEIPZIGER VOLKSZEITUNG. DIE WELT was the first national daily newspaper to transfer its operations to Berlin. In the fifth decade of its existence Axel Springer embarked on a new phase of development.


Launch of SPORT BILD. With the launch of SAT.1 TEXT, Axel Springer becomes Germany's first publisher to provide a teletext service. This is followed by teletext services for the TV stations HAMBURG 1, VIVA, VIVA ZWEI, TM3, EUROSPORT and SFB.

Establishment of the first foreign companies with the magazine publishing house Axel Springer-Budapest GmbH (as a joint venture) and the newspaper publishing company Axel Springer-Ungarn GmbH in Hungary.

Takeover of the Spanish magazine publishing house SARPE (now Grupo Axel Springer S.L.).

Launch of AUTO BILD in France and Great Britian.


Acquisition of a holding in the local newspapers HARBURGER ANZEIGEN und NACHRICHTEN and TIROLER TAGESZEITUNG.


Acquisition of a holding in the local papers LEIPZIGER VOLKSZEITUNG and the OSTSEE-ZEITUNG in Rostock.

Launch of AUTO BILD in the Netherlands.


Acquisition of a majority interest in CompuTel Telefonservice GmbH (100 percent holding since 1995.

Launch of AUTO BILD in Czechoslovakia.


Launch of the magazine TVneu. Launch of B.Z. am SONNTAG, a Sunday newspaper for Berlin, and AUTO BILD in Turkey.


Official opening of the offset printing works in Berlin-Spandau. The large-scale printing works constructed jointly with Verlagsgesellschaft Madsack in Leipzig-Stahmeln goes into operation.

Launch of AUTO BILD in Greece.   


A consortium including Axel Springer is granted the licence for the local TV station Hamburg 1.

Axel Springer Polska launches PANI DOMU, a women's magazine based on BILD der FRAU.  


First edition of the women's magazine ALLEGRA.

Investment in BTI Business TV International. Launch of CIENIE I BLASKI and NA ZYWO in Poland.

The department "interactive media" is set up on the basis of the videotext editorial departments. Later it was changed into the online-provider Interactive Media CCSP AG which was sold in 2003 to T-Online International.


First edition of the family magazine FAMILIE&CO.

Launch of COMPUTER BILD and AUTO BILD in Croatia and Poland.

Majority holding in Finanzen publishing group (now 100 percent).

Axel Springer celebrates its 50th anniversary with the slogan "50 years witness to history".